The Chocolate Maker and the Chocolate Taster

Ned Russell

Ned has as B.S. in Food Science from U.C. Davis. He worked for 8 years as Manager of Quality Assurance and Product Development for a small chocolate-related company, and then for 12 years in the same capacity at Ghirardelli Chocolate in San Leandro, CA. Ned over saw 150,000 pounds of chocolate produced everyday. Now, making handcrafted chocolate, Ned makes closer to 25 lbs. a day. Along with his affinity for superior chocolate, Ned has spent many years learning to play the cello So, like good music that resonates in your heart and soul, Cello Chocolate was born. It was officially established in January of 2013. 

Debi Russell

Debi worked for a number of years in sales and marketing for Sybase, Oracle and Apple Computers. She oversees the business and sales side of Cello Chocolate -- and also does a LOT of chocolate tasting, you know for quality assurance. With Ned's manufacturing experience and Debi's sales background, this was a match made in heaven

Chocolate brings us together

We are passionate about making chocolate but the best part is the connections we make with the people and communities around the world.